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Foley Hoag is excited to launch the Law and the Environment Blog. In today’s fast changing world, almost all of us get our news—including our news about developments in environmental law and policy—electronically. This blog is not intended to be a substitute for the BNA™, or Greenwire™, or Google™, although we do hope that we will be able on occasion to let you know about issues that haven’t yet come to your attention.

What we really want to accomplish is to provide some perspective on those developments. We’ll try to tell you which developments may matter to you. And why they matter. And how they matter. Whether you’re a manufacturer or a power plant developer, whether you’re a renewable energy developer or hoping to be a renewable energy consumer, whether you are a municipality or public agency or university, we want to comment on current issues in a way that is useful to you in your business. We’ll cover climate change, renewable energy, hazardous and solid waste, clean air and water, sustainability and green design. You name it, if it’s got an acronym attached to it, we’ll cover it.

As the headline indicates, we want to inform, update, comment, and discuss. In other words, while we’re going to enjoy posting, we’ll enjoy the blog more—and its usefulness will increase—when we hear from you. Please comment on the blog entries. Let us know about developments we missed or implications of our discussions that we did not consider. Let us know, even if you disagree.

We look forward to the conversation.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Law and the Environment Blog

  1. This is great and helpful information. Keep the information coming.
    What do you have in the way of the issues around GHG and transportation? The Commonwealth’s transportation agencies are interested in taking additional steps to align our practices and programs in this area.

  2. Jeff: Glad you like it. I hope you keep checking in — and commenting as appropriate. We will certainly be posting on GHG and transportation issues as they arise. Feel free to suggest post topics; you know how to reach us.

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