Not Really So Bad; More on Revisions to the State Building Code

That did not take long. When I first drafted the introduction to this blog, I included text inviting people to notify us if, God forbid, I made a mistake. The powers that be vetoed that language, apparently on the basis that it was not possible for a Foley lawyer to make a mistake.

Well, the blog’s been up for less than a week, and I have received my first such notice. In my post yesterday about the Governor’s announcement regarding changes to the state building code, I noted that developers would be concerned about a multiplicity of building codes in different municipalities. The Commonwealth’s MEPA director, Alicia McDevitt, correctly notes that municipalities will not be able to promulgate their own building code provisions regarding energy efficiency. There will be only two codes: the baseline code and the “stretch” code, which municipalities will be permitted to adopt at their option.  However, the municipalities will not be able to tinker with either code; they will have to choose between them.

I have revised the original post, but wanted to thank Alicia and invite everyone to tell me when I’m wrong if, God forbid, it should ever happen again.

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