Local Opposition to Energy Projects? The Chamber of Commerce Takes the Fight to the NIMBYs

The Empire Strikes Back? Revenge on the NIMBYs? Whatever you want to call it, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce now has a great new web site, called Project No Project, which lists energy projects which have been stalled by local opposition.  The site lists project by state and by type, and explains the status of the project, who the opponents are, and what its prospects seem to be.

It is good to see the Chamber join the digital age and adopt some of the methods of those on the other side of these battles.

Of course, one person’s NIMBY is another’s abomination.  As this story was reported in ClimateWire on Monday, Glenn Wattley, CEO of the Alliance to Preserve Nantucket Sound – the leading opponent of the Cape Wind project – disputed the notion that the group’s opposition to Cape Wind resulted from the NIMBY phenomenon.  Isn’t it amazing that project opponents almost always acknowledge that NIMBYism exists, but always deny that their opposition to the project they are fighting is motivated by NIMBYism?

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