I Have Seen the Future and It Is Zero-Energy Buildings

I spoke a few weeks ago at a NAIOP event concerning implementation of the Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act. During that talk, I described the GWSA as “the future of everything.” Why? Because to achieve even medium-term greenhouse gas emission targets in 2020 or 2030, let alone the 2050 target of an 80% reduction, is going to require significant changes throughout the economy. Even substantial reductions in the power plant or transportation sectors alone are not going to be enough.

Need more evidence? How about this story from yesterday’s Greenwire. The E.U. has reached agreement on a directive that will require almost all large buildings, including large houses, to attain “nearly zero” energy use. Existing buildings will have to improve energy efficiency during any renovations, if feasible. Sounds like a BACT analysis for building renovations.

The directive still must be approved by the European Parliament and then be written into the laws of the individual E.U. countries. However, unless Massey CEO Don Blankenship can convince Al Gore that we are entering a period of global cooling, can there be much doubt that something like this is in our future here as well?

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