Top 10 Fun Facts About the 10th RGGI Auction

The 10th auction in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) was held on December 1st.  In honor of this significant round number, I give you the top 10 interesting facts about the 10th RGGI Auction, all of which are based on today’s market monitor report:

10)  In the Auction, 24,755,000 allowances from the 2009-2011 compliance period sold for $1.86 each (the floor price);

9)  That amount is only 57% of the 2009-2011 allowances offered for sale, the lowest yield from a current compliance period auction;

8)  38 entities bid on these current compliance period allowances, down from 45 in September and 51 in March;

7)  The generators subject to RGGI compliance and their affiliates (collectively "compliance entities") purchased 97% of the current compliance period allowances sold;

6)  1,172,000 allowances from the second compliance period (2012-2014) were also sold at $1.86 (the floor price);

5)  That amount is 57% of the 2012-2014 allowances offered for sale — the lowest yield to date for this vintage of allowances — and 100% of them were bought by just 4 compliance entities;

4)  In the 10 RGGI auctions, taken together, compliance entities have purchased 85% of all allowances sold;

3)  Due to trading on the secondary market, after the 10th auction purchases are settled, compliance entities will hold 95% of all RGGI allowances in circulation;

2)  All together, the 10 RGGI auctions have brought in more than $777.5 million for the 10 RGGI states;


1)  The RGGI states have collectively invested about 80% of the RGGI funds in strategic energy programs, most of which involve energy efficiency improvements in homes and businesses.   RGGI has created a website compiling the states’ announcements on the success stories from these investments.

The next RGGI auction will be held March 9, 2011.  

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