Is the Promulgation of Regulations Like Sausage-Making? EPA Thinks Not

Bismarck is supposed to have said that:  "Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.” EPA apparently disagrees, and has launched a new web site, known as Reg Stat, in order “to increase the transparency of regulatory activity.”

It’s a potentially helpful website. It has some useful data on the types of regulations EPA is pursuing (mostly air during the past five years; what a shock!) and how long it takes to promulgate them (too long; the average regulation takes almost three years to get out the door). I think that the “Regulatory Gateway,” containing information about regulations still in progress, may be the most helpful part of the site. For those not intimately familiar with every step EPA takes, the Regulatory Gateway will be a handy one-stop shopping location to find out where pending rules stand.

Personally, I think I’d rather see sausage being made, but since I do get paid to know what EPA is doing, it’s nice to see EPA trying to make information more available.

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