EPA Approves Colorado’s Regional Haze Plan: What Does Colorado Know That the Rest of the Country Hasn’t Yet Figured Out?

On Tuesday, EPA formally approved Colorado’s state implementation plan to address regional haze. According to a press release from Governor John Hickenlooper, the plan will reduce power plant emissions by more than 70,000 tons by 2018. Notably, it will include closure of coal-fired power plants. Indeed, Daily Environment Report stated that “coal-fired power generation will be gone from the Denver metro region by 2018” as a result of the plan.

The press release was a love-fest. The plan was endorsed by the American Lung Association, EDF, Public Service Co. of Colorado (an Xcel Energy subsidiary), and the Colorado Oil & Gas Association.

It would be nice to know what the magic potion was that allowed this collaboration to occur. Any readers from Colorado care to explain? Why can’t this be duplicated elsewhere?

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