Man Bites Dog: DOE Issues Electric Motor Efficiency Standards; Everyone Applauds

On November 25, the world was stunned as DOE proposed new energy efficiency standards for electric motors, and no one complained.  The standards will apply to motors from 1 to 500 horsepower and will cost roughly $500 million annually over the expected 30-year life of the rule.  However, they are also expected to save approximately one trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity over that period.  That’s $23 billion in energy costs and 400 million tons of CO2.

What did the relevant trade group, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, have to say about the rule?

The DOE’s proposed rule on electric motors accomplishes maximum efficiency savings while making compliance as simple as possible.

All kidding aside, why is this so rare?  Why can one not reasonably imagine the same comment being made by electric utilities about EPA regulations on GHG emissions from existing power plants?  I wish I knew.

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