ASTM 1527-05 Is Dead (Almost). Long Live ASTM 1527-13

For those of you who were skiing or snorkeling (snorkeling in my case) and missed it, on December 30, EPA announced a direct final rule incorporating the new ASTM 1527-13 standard for site assessments into its all appropriate inquiries rule.  Following ASTM’s release of the new standard, EPA’s action was expected, but remains important.

The biggest issue here is what EPA will do regarding the prior standard, ASTM 1527-05.  The answer for now is nothing; use of ASTM 1527-05 remains valid.  However, the new rule states that EPA “recommends” use of ASTM 1527-13.  EPA also stated that it plans shortly to propose a rule deleting the reference to ASTM 1527-05 in the AAI rule.

Time for property owners and consultants to get with the new program.

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