More Than (You Thought) You Ever Wanted To Know About Waters Of The United States

Over the past few months, I worked with a number of colleagues from the American College of Environmental Lawyers to provide the Environmental Council of the States with a balanced review of the history and background of how the term “waters of the United States” rapanos-cartoonhas been defined and interpreted under the Clean Water Act. In announcing the release of the memorandum, Dick Pedersen, President of ECOS, thanked “those members of ACOEL who spent significant time and effort developing this comprehensive memorandum.”

To which I can only add, that’s for darn sure. There is a reason this stuff is so controversial. It’s really difficult to develop a comprehensive and neutral explanation of the sometimes inscrutable judicial opinions in this area. I was honored to work with a truly distinguished group of lawyers to develop the memorandum. It really is everything you ever wanted to know about WOTUS. Enjoy.

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