About those calls from MassDEP…

TCE_moleculesLast month, we wrote about MassDEP’s trichloroethylene (TCE) site reevaluation initiative. MassDEP has begun the process of screening sites previously closed under the MCP to look for sites where TCE might exceed the new groundwater concentration standard of 5 μg/L.   At yesterday’s meeting of the Waste Site Cleanup Advisory Committee, MassDEP provided an update on this initiative.

MassDEP has not yet begun contacting owners of closed sites.   Their focus to date has been on addressing open sites where TCE has created vapor intrusion in indoor air. However, as we noted last month, MassDEP’s initial screening has identified 200 priority sites, and MassDEP reported this week that the calls will begin soon.

A few new details on what to expect:

  • Calls to site owners will come directly from the Deputy Regional Directors, with the goal of ensuring consistency in messaging throughout the state.
  • MassDEP’s first point of contact will be with the site owners. Depending upon the specifics of the site and the current owner’s relationship with the prior LSP, MassDEP may also notify the LSP of record.
  • MassDEP will be notifying municipal boards of health as it notifies site owners. MassDEP is holding a series of meetings with the Massachusetts Health Officers Association in advance of the notifications so that the relevant municipal boards are provided with the context for the vapor intrusion initiative in advance.
  • MassDEP will be willing and able to provide preliminary testing services to site owners to determine if current conditions pose a public health risk. Site owners will be free to use their own LSP if they prefer to do so.

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