If a Climate Change Report Falls in the White House, Does Anyone Hear It?

This week, the National Academy of Sciences Committee tasked with reviewing the Climate Science Special Report, issued by the Obama administration, basically blessed it.  They had some comments, but I’ve been through the NAS review process; they always have comments.  Their top line?  

The Committee commends the CSSR authors for producing an impressive, timely, and generally well-written draft report and was impressed with the breadth, accuracy, and rigor of the draft CSSR.

The real question is whether anyone in the current administration will pay any attention to the NAS.  Since the administration’s definition of good science is science that concludes that climate change either doesn’t exist or isn’t caused by human activities, I’m guessing that the NAS conclusion will be rejected out of hand.

Toto, I’m afraid we’re stuck in Kansas.

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