Texas Now Has More Wind Than Coal Capacity. So Far, Trump Has Not Saved Coal.

The Houston Chronicle reported yesterday that electric generation capacity from wind now exceeds that of coal in Texas.  That’s not even counting Vistra’s recent announcement that it intends to close three coal-fired plants.  

To those who might point out that wind is intermittent and it thus has lower capacity factors, the same Chronicle story reports at least one expert prediction that wind generation will exceed that of coal by 2019.

So far, President Trump has not succeeded in propping up coal.  No wonder Secretary Perry is trying to persuade FERC to do so.  What happened to not picking winners and losers?

In any case, the story is a welcome excuse to publicize one of my favorite haunting Jimmie Dale Gilmore songs (and, yes, I know it’s really a Joe Ely song.)

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