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The Top Ten Explanations For Western Wildfires

  1. Environmentalists  
  2. Immigrants
  3. Russians
  4. Europeans (Failed to pay their share of fire defense costs).
  5. Hillary Clinton
  6. Robert Mueller
  7. Elizabeth Warren
  8. Journalists
  9. John McCain
  10. Climate Change

Never mind.  There are only nine. More

Did Trump’s Election Increase the Odds of NPDES Delegation in Massachusetts? I Sure Hope So.

As I noted last spring, the Baker administration had filed legislation to support NPDES delegation to Massachusetts.  At the time, I supported the delegation effort and pleaded with my friends in the environmental community to support it.  Sadly, my pleading fell on deaf ears and the legislation was not enacted.

In supporting the legislation, I pointed out that it would be foolish to oppose delegation on the ground that a Democratic administration in Washington would do a better job protecting the environment from evil polluters than a Republican administration in Boston.  … More